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I hate backshift hangovers

For those unfamiliar with shift work, there’s a thing that happens when you do a back shift. You don’t sleep well the day before the first one, the second one is better if you can sleep and are prepared for it. Thing is, if you don’t do back shifts all the time, you’re body never really adjusts, and at about 11 you start waking up. And it’s a struggle to stay in bed until you can legitimately get out of bed with the following thought: “if I stay up from now will I vomit at 4 am?” If the answer is no, or even a shakey maybe, I’m out of bed. 

But this is my short week, so I only had one back shift. Not to bad right? Eh, I still end up with the inevitable hangover. I’ve been awake and out of bed since 1230, but it’s going on 2 now and I can’t focus on tv, I can’t focus on tumblr, youtube doesn’t interest me and the thought of accessing higher brain function to knit is making me slightly nauseous. I have book ideas running through my head and they’re rather interesting dreams right now. I don’t have the wherewithall to sit down and type them up, but perhaps I could at least jot them down.


A nap though, would be awesome. And I might just have one. ideas and maybe a short later. 


Not so much with the movie watching. That took a backseat when I realized I had to focus on the charts too closely to pay attention to the movie. New movies, and subtitled movies are practically impossible. So I’ve been watching a lot of reruns and catching up on popcorn tv shows instead.

Knitting progress though! Picture time2014-07-29 19.54.08

The problem with knitting lace is that it just looks like a pile of yarn until it’s blocked. There is progress but it’s slow, and the days are going fast. 40 more rows of chart 3, then onto the final chart!

3am Blues

Allrighty,  I started watching a movie and will hopefully have the first post up for the challenge either sometime today or tomorrow. I’ve also made some progress on the shawl. When I picked it up today I had left off at the beginning of row 26 of chart 2.

As of now I just finished row 34 of the same chart.  Not much, but it’s progress. I worked it out that if I do ten rows a day from this point on,  I can have it finished in little over eleven days. 

Now,  that’s now taking into account that when I finish this chart I have to increase to 560 stitches or that chart four involves beads,  but at least it gives me a time frame.  We shall see. 

Wish me luck,  and I hope to have pictures of my progress up soon. 

30 Days of Horror




Tag: Adventures in horror

The hopeful outcome is to discover new movies and old movies you haven’t seen before, parts of the genre you have been scared or hesitant to watch, which generally means new movies. I do understand however that some genres are difficult, real life gets in the way, etc, and you just want to throw on something you’ve seen a hundred times so you can check out or a bit, that’s fine.

The important thing is to have fun, and SHARE! I’m probably screaming into the abyss, but if anyone is interested and wants to join me please let me know so I can cheer you on as well. I’ll need all the encouragement I can get. I have 50,000 stitches left to knit, now there’s a horror movie. Okay onto the list!


30 Days of Horror

  • Day One: Orchestra Not included (Classic Horror before 1955)
  • Day Two: You’re not paranoid if they’re really out to get you (Thrillers/psychological horror)
  • Day Three: The Power of Christ Compels you (Religious Horror)
  • Day Four: You will never be as Badass as Christopher Lee (Classic Lee Horror)
  • Day Five: Nothing says I love you like a Decapitated Corpse ( Romantic Horror)
  • Day Six: The Computers are Alive! (Sci-Fi Horror)
  • Day Seven: Creature Feature
  • Day Eight: Horror Revival ( 80’s horror)
  • Day Nine: If it bleeds we can kill it (Action Horror)
  • Day Ten: Subverted Horror
  • Day Eleven: Even Cartoons can Be Scary
  • Day Twelve: It’s not a phase mom, it’s who I Really am ( Gothic Horror)
  • Day Thirteen: Sparkly Vampires need not apply
  • Day Fourteen: They just left this perfectly edited film behind (Found Footage)
  • Day Fifteen: Across the Pond (Foreign Horror)
  • Day Sixteen: Laugh or Die (Comedic Horror)
  • Day Seventeen: Beyond the B Movies (C movies and lower)
  • Day Eighteen: If three people die while building the house, maybe that’s a clue? (Haunted Houses)
  • Day Nineteen: Hairy Palms (Werewolf movies)
  • Day Twenty: Awww, Face huggers are cute ( alien horror(
  • Day Twenty-One: It’s Always the Witch
  • Day Twenty-Two: Who Needs a Body Anyway? (ghosts)
  • Day Twenty-Three: Creepy Kids
  • Day Twenty-Four: Questionable pets
  • Day Twenty-Five: Reboot Rerun
  • Day Twenty-Six: Survival of the Smartest (Survival Horror)
  • Day Twenty-Seven: Body Count (Serial Killers)
  • Day Twenty-Eight: I think I wanna Be god now (Frankenstein)
  • Day Twenty-Nine: They EAT WHAT? (Cannibalism)
  • Day Thirty: Final Girl


I’ll keep a list of participants here for those interested and will keep it updated with each new post. I hope to see you guys there. Its gonna be fun! Mine starts tomorrow. Time to pick my movies.



Stuff and Things

I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have to finish knitting a shawl for my cousins wedding.  I need something to watch and a treat of the non-chocolate variety. Chocolate + summer + white lace = disaster. After looking up different challenges floating online, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Most of the challenges I found are favorite slasher or favourite movie from the decade etc.  I’m looking for something that prompts me to watch something that I wouldn’t necessarily watch otherwise.

So, I’ve decided to create m own.  I’ve finished the first draft of the list, it still needs a polish and then I will post it hopefully late tomorrow.  The tag for this challenge is ‘adventures in horror’  and for those knitters who wish to join it’s ‘knit your heart out’. 

Hope to hear from you guys.

Writing Challenge

This sounds like a wonderful idea to recharge the writing mojo.

Book Blogger Confessions



Book Blogger Confessions is a meme that posts the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, where book bloggers "confess" and vent about topics that are unique to us. Feel free to share, vent and offer solutions.

Just keep it respectful – no bashing authors or other bloggers! If you want to participate just grab our button and include it in your post with a link to either Midnyte Reader or For What It’s Worth.

Question: Happy (early) Halloween!  Do you like to read scary books?  Why or why not?  If so, what is the scariest book you ever read and why does it deserve that honour?

I love scary stories! I used to devour horror novels in my teens. For a while I got out of the habit because my twenties left me so anxious I didn’t feel the need to add any more anxiety to the pile. But now I’m getting back into reading horror stories and I’m enjoying myself immensely.

That being said, I’m not sure if I can remember the scariest book I’ve ever read. I remember the first Dean Koontz novel I read years ago. Midnight. That was by far the creepiest of his I read and I think it had more to do with the fact it was my first adult horror novel I read. That was followed quickly by Carrie by Stephen King, Whispers, Strangers, The Bad Place, Watchers all by Dean Koontz.

Like I said it’s been a while since I’ve read anything scare your pants off creepy but I’ll keep you posted!.

Also don’t forget about my reading challenge, it started yesterday! Comment with a link back to your blog so I can enjoy your books! Open-mouthed smile 

Currently Reading: Strangers by Dean Koontz, Callahan’s Secret by Spider Robinson,
Just Finished: Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon and Time Travellers Pay Cash By Spider Robinson, Wyrd Sisters By Terry Pratchett
To Be Read: Replacement By Brenna Yovanoff, Hell House By Richard Matheson, Horns By Joe Hill

Halloween Reading Challenge!!

halloween night

My First Challenge! Woohoo! I’m not sure how big this is going to get so I’m just going to throw it out there and hopefully it will grow some legs! Here’s the breakdown, I’ve spent the day thinking about Halloween reading and watching and have been stuck in a Wikipedia feedback loop look at horror subgenres and I find it all quite interesting. It occurred to me that doing a challenge with the subgenres would actually be really fun.

Because you can find as many types of subgenre out there as there are people, I’ve nailed it down to a set list. Before I get to the list though I suppose I should explain the challenge.

So today is 10th of October, starting this Sunday 14th October till 4th November will give us 21 days to read as many genres as you can from the list below. Horror has one of those fringe benefits of being chalk full of short stories. They’re perfectly acceptable. The point is to try and taste each genre. Think of this challenge as a wine tasting, step out of your comfort zone for a bit and join me in the macabre.

This is also a test challenge for me, should this go over well, I’ll be hosting a bigger challenge come January.

The Rules:

  • The scare begins October 14th at midnight and will end at 11:59:59 on November 4th 2012.
  • Choose your scare
    • Hocus Pocus: Read 3-5 novels or  short story collections from the genres below.
    • Double Trouble: Read 6-10 novels or  short stories collections from the genres below
    • Cauldron Burn and Cauldron Bubble: Read something from all 18 sub genres!
  • Short stories do count but you need to read two from each genre. Short stories below the five page mark aim for three per genre.
  • The point is to bring newbies to the horror genre. Read to your little ones, there are plenty of scares that are YA or kid friendly that work within a lot of these genres. The important thing is to get out of your comfort zone and read something spooky.
  • Add your link to the linky at the bottom, grab the image for your blog and pimp this sucker!
  • Please comment to let me know if I’ve forgotten anything, if you have any questions at all.
  • I’m going to apologize to twitter and facebook now, I’m going to be pimping this like crazy for the next couple of days.

halloween night

;<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket” /></a>


  • Demons – devil stories, demonic possession, The Exorcist is a good example
  • Fairytale Horror – The really creepy versions of the fairy tales we all know and love, not the Disney versions
  • Ghosts – Ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists, old fashioned hauntings
  • Gothic – Two types here, English Gothic which emphasised physical imprisonment and captivity, and American gothic which emphasised psychological imprisonment.
  • Humorous Horror – tongue in cheek, outright silliness, or your typical gallows humour, your choice
  • Lovecraftian/Cthulhu: Eldritch horrors, many tentacled beasts, all things that will steal your sanity before it steals your life.
  • Man-Made Horrors: non supernatural, technology gone berserk, robots sent to kill, viruses, toxins, the stupid crap humans do in the name of progress,
  • Monsters– monster stories that don’t feature the named ones below, shapeshifters, aquatic beasts, evil mermaids, also includes persecuted monsters, Frankenstein’s Monster fits this category.
  • Mythic Fiction (Horror) -Horror stories within a mythical background. pagan deities, spirits of the forest,
  • Occult –  Ouija boards, curses, and all sorts of evil
  • Post-Apocalyptic Horror – the world has gone down the crapper and it’s just getting worse from there,
  • Psychic Abilities – telepathy used for it’s truly evil purposes, this one can also embody a creepy kid motif, since psychic youngsters seems to scare the pants off most people.
  • Psychological – these are the plausible horrors, the home invasion torture scenario, the serial killer with more attention the horrific side of events rather than the whodunit.
  • Splatterpunk – also know as grindhouse, these are the gorey tales with buckets of blood and guts and everyone is being eviscerated just for the fun of it.
  • Vampires – creepy vampires, the ones that show the monster, not the misunderstood brooding loner just longing for love. Fangs and blood and seduction with more than a hint of they’re gonna kill me.
  • Werewolves – wolf man, these tales focus on the horror experienced by others, or by the internal horror the afflicted must endure during each change.
  • Witches- they can be evil and out to destroy the world or out for the common good and destroyed by those who misunderstand them. Witches are a powerful force humanity that has more power than the average human and is looked upon with distrust.
  • Zombies – Guess who’s coming for dinner?

Top Five Goodreads Lists to Read And Top Five Imdb movie lists to watch During Halloween



Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by Broke and the bookish. This weeks topic is a rewind. Since I’ve missed so many I’ve decided to go with a theme. Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to prepare for one of my favourite holidays, Halloween. I love scary reads, but I don’t just read them during Halloween, they’re especially fun at this time of year though, when the nights are getting longer and the days so much shorter. Curling up in the chair with a cup of tea and creepy book is just perfect.

I had a hard time coming up with books/authors, really anything new for this topic. There are a lot of really good authors out there but they’re the classic authors, they’re King and Poe, or Bradbury and Wilde. So instead of just picking authors I found lists on Goodreads that really look interesting from the horror/creepy perspective they have a nice assortment of books that will whet anyone’s appetite and for those looking for something fun to watch on Halloween, I’ve included five lists from Imdb that show promise. Plus one of my own. Open-mouthed smile Enjoy!


1) The Best books to read for Halloween So this list is one of the biggest at 213 books and has the mosts votes at 207. It’s three pages of horror, scares, and creepfest fun. There are a bunch I’ve never read on this list and some old classics that I can’t wait to read again. So far The Replacement, The Canterville Ghost, and Hell House have all been added to my TBR list.

The ReplacementThe Canterville GhostHell House

2) Bring on the Creepy 200 books and 69 votes this is another interesting list of creep and fear inducing novels. There’s little overlap that I can see between the lists, a few notable exceptions such as the Haunting of Hill House and Hell House made both lists. I think you’re going to be happily surprised and will find a few from this treasury that didn’t hit the other lists.

3) The Best Halloween Books These books are ones that either take place around Halloween or are about Halloween. This list includes some non fiction about history of Halloween and it’s rituals, and some truly odd ones like The Hunger Games. I don’t remember that really taking place during Halloween although it might have been set during a harvest. I suppose the whole notion of reaping suggests late fall.

4) Killer Ghost Stories These are the stories you tell around a campfire. A small list there’s only 26 books here but the subject matter is very particular. They have to be ghost tales, creepy supernatural tales that keep you awake at night for fear of the ghost that lives in your basement. Can’t wait!

5) Awesome Halloween Stories for YA readers 15 books all creepy from classics such as H.P Lovecraft to more modern fare such Coraline, there’s something here for everyone. There are a few I can’t wait to read.

Now onto the Movies!

1) Best of, Halloween There are 100 movies on this list and I’ve seen most of them. If you like to be scared have a gander and look through. I would suggest the classics to start with then work your way through some of the more recent horrorfests.

2) 18 Horror Films in 6 Nights That’s a lot of horror to watch. Check out this list not because the picks are unique but for the creator’s descriptions and ratings choice.

3) 50 Films for Halloween This makes the cut because the it includes the original movies and not the remakes (which in most cases suck with few exceptions) It also has a couple of newer movies that are actually pretty good.

4) Best Horror Film by Fear Genre read this guys list! It’s pure genius. He’s broken down some of my favourite movies into their genres. Read his choices and try and pick some of your own.

5) Must-See Horror List Read this list! and watch the movies! Seriously just watch them I know I am!


And to cap off this list for now. My Halloween playlist.



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